Making it easier for everyone to create studio quality videos.

The Problem:

In early 2017, Wyzowl found that 63% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool. By the start of 2018, that had risen to 81%. Now, as we arrive in 2019, the number has increased again to 87%. 

As the trend was evident , the problem emerged: The ability  for people to create quick, professtional videos for marketing and sharing information.

Users and Audience:

Our  target users were digital marketers and agency owners who had a strong preference for videos in their marketing campaigns.

“Wyzowl asked consumers how they’d most prefer to learn about new products or services – and video was the runaway winner. Over two-thirds (68%) said a short video would be best..”

Team & Role:

Being the sole designer I designed the product from scratch with a team of developers with occasional feedback from testers.

I handled all the facets of design including information architecture, wireframing, visual design, and branding. I also conducted design iterations based on feedbacks from beta testers.

Design Process:

The goal was to create an online video editor that would be easier to use and yet provide the most important features of standard video editors. 

I started of by compiling a list of features that our target user group would find useful. Our team then sent out a questionaire to some digital marketers asking for a list of features that  

they would like to see on a video editor. After comparing the two list, I identified the key painpoints: 

  1. People find it difficult to use video editors because they are too complicated
  2. Rendering & Publishing the videos takes lot of time  

They had to face these hassels even for very short videos that they were making.

Based on all these information, I created wireframes of screens that were going to be the features of the app. 

With the help of front end developers I was able to showcase low fidelity html mockup of screens and after a few brainstorming sessions, I had gathered a clear idea on the look and feel of the product.

User Interface design

The main objectives of the interface design were 

  1. To make the users feel that they are using an app that is as powerful as the tools used in studios.
  2. To make it as simple as possible to achive their video editing goals.
  3. Quickly Render and Publish their edited videos.

1a. The first objective was accomplished by designing a dark ui with hints of vibrant elements.

2a. I accomplished the second objective by placing most of the actions on screen and made sure the users completed their task without having to click on one menu after the other to edit and create their videos.


Our inhouse team and the beta testers were happy with the product. We took nearly 2 months to complete the product adding some cool video editing features along the way.

Playpix was launched successfully in Dec. 2019 and over 1600 people from across the globe registered for the product.The launch ended up being a five figure launch earning 


Bringing in the Dev team during the early phases of the project cleared up lots of hassels that would have cropped up down the line. It would have been extremely difficulyt for me to come up with the workarounds to keep the users from getting frustated during the video renderring without some valuable inputs from developers.