Videosly  is an app that helps content creators to generate informative videos. Our team decided to work on this project to create our own videos quickly for marketing instead of depending on a video editing professional and shelling out money even for very small projects. Once we started using it, we  were confident that we had created a product that was too good to be held back, we launched the product.


I worked closely with developers defining a the user flow and visual design for every step that the user would take to create his/her video.

Here’s how it works

1. Name your campaign.


2. Add your content or grab it from a blog. In this case, Quotes from Walden by Thoreau .


3. Add related videos from the inbuilt library or you can upload your own videos.


4. You can also use these videos to capture leads


5. Publish your videos in popular formats.


6. Grab a coffee and wait for the videos to render .


7. A link will be generated  along with an embed code for the users to share the video.

 Here’s the sample video: